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Welbeck Children's

60 Second Genius: Science: Bite-Size Facts to Make Learning Fun and Fast

60 Second Genius: Science: Bite-Size Facts to Make Learning Fun and Fast

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Learn everything about key science topics in 60 seconds!

This book is packed with essential info from the world of science, broken down into fun, fascinating bite-size facts. Key subjects are clearly explained using colorful graphics and easy-to-follow text. Scattered throughout the book are 'Now Try This!' panels where readers can take their understanding even further by carrying out simple activities and projects. There's even a pullout wallchart to record their progress in each subject.

It's the ideal way to go from newcomer to know-it-all in record time!

Topics include materials and matter, forces, space, energy, planet Earth; and the living world. Information includes everything from states of matter and the solar system to energy resources and gravity.

What is Science?

Scientists try to explain the world around us and why things happen the way they do. They do this by observing objects and events, and recording what happens and when. Scientists will then use this information, or data, to test different ideas (known as hypotheses) to see if they really work.

Even if the data supports an idea, things may change later. Advances in technology can reveal even more information that can change what we know completely!

Whatever happens, scientists will continue to observe events and record and collect information, helping us to improve our scientific understanding of the Universe and everything in it.

Author: Mortimer Children's
Publisher: Welbeck Children's
Published: 10/19/2021
Pages: 128
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.90lbs
Size: 9.50h x 7.30w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9781783127139
Audience: Ages 9-12
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