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Ada Wants to Fly: The Innovation of a Young Ada Lovelace

Ada Wants to Fly: The Innovation of a Young Ada Lovelace

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A book for kids about Ada Lovelace and her contributions to science and technology

Ada wants to fly, but there is a serious problem. Planes have not been invented yet. So what does a curious child do? Ada decides she needs to try to invent a way to fly. She studies birds and bugs to find out how they do it, and then wrote it all down in a book of her own.

Fly along with Ada on a journey of the imagination where dreams and curiosity can take you to the furthest reaches of the world all while never leaving your own yard. This story is based on real events in Ada Lovelace's life. An adventure that helped make her one of the most inspiring symbols for girls in science.

Author: M. J. Mouton
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Published: 10/08/2019
Pages: 24
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.60lbs
Size: 8.10h x 8.10w x 0.40d
ISBN: 9780998314730
Audience: Ages 4-8

About the Author
MJ Mouton grew up in the small town of Iowa, Louisiana. After school, he went to work in the environmental field and developed a love for the science that was present in his job. There were so many amazing things about the Earth that he had not realized, or was not inspired to know as a student in school. Realizing these things, he became passionate, not only about Geology, Biology, and the physical nature of things, but also sharing what he had learned. As the father of two girls and a lover of all things scientific, MJ decided to write short stories to teach his daughters science basics, and hopefully give them the inspiration that he missed out on that young in life. He has written over 40 stories that highlight scientists and the world-changing discoveries that they have made.

MJ shares his time between the area he grew up and Chicago, Il.

Jezreel Cuevas was born in Orizaba, Mexico and currently lives in Veracruz, Mexico. Jez is a graduate of Universidad del Golfo de Mexico with degrees in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. He is an avid gamer, lover of comics, and cats. Jez often merges his passions to create original digital art paintings. Jez has a love for science and a desire to share that love with the world. After meeting M.J. Mouton online, and sharing his concepts, He and M.J. developed a friendship that makes working on books fun. Jez freelances his skills, making game icons, and commissioned works.
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