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Scholastic Inc.

Ash's Quest: The Essential Guidebook (Pokémon): Ash's Quest from Kanto to Alola

Ash's Quest: The Essential Guidebook (Pokémon): Ash's Quest from Kanto to Alola

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The quest continues Join iconic Pok mon Trainer Ash Ketchum as he travels through every known Region, encountering hundreds of amazing Pok mon. This is a must-have book for collectors and fans.

This is an updated and extended edition of the top-selling 2015 Official Adventure Guide: Ash's Quest from Kanto to Kalos. It includes 32 pages of new material detailing Ash's latest adventures in the newest region, Alola.Discover how it all began Inside this book, you'll learn all about iconic Pok mon Master Ash Ketchum and his quest. Join Ash and his beloved Pikachu as they travel through all known regions of the Pok mon world, meeting and battling hundreds of amazing new Pok mon.

Author: Simcha Whitehill
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Published: 07/30/2019
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.30lbs
Size: 9.10h x 7.10w x 0.70d
ISBN: 9781338315172
Audience: Ages 9-12

About the Author

SIMCHA WHITEHILL lives in New York City, but has spent much of her career in the world of Pokémon. A graduate of New York University, she began working on the American show production team, has had a hand in developing games for the brand, and authored over two dozen Tomes about Ash, Pikachu, and their crew. Like most fans, Simcha shares the mantra, "Gotta catch 'em all." In addition to Pokémon, Simcha has also written for Disney and Nickelodeon.

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