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Future Horizons

Autism Parent Handbook: Beginning with the End Goal in Mind

Autism Parent Handbook: Beginning with the End Goal in Mind

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Once a diagnosis of autism is made, a myriad of questions arises. Why is this happening? What can I do? How will I cope? What will the future bring? Will I ever smile again?

A roadmap is needed, a handbook to refer to when all seems overwhelming. The priorities are to begin the healing process and to start treatment. The way to ensure success is to begin with the end goals in mind. It is remarkable how things fall into place once a vision of the future is formulated - a productive, upstanding, and most important, happy adult

The Autism Parent Handbook walks parents through the steps of early intervention by demonstrating ways to achieve the most optimal outcomes. We address the following:

  • Happy adults have a positive outlook, feel valued when their passions are honored and when interest is shown in the things they love. We can help children foster those attitudes in early childhood.
  • Productive adults regulate their emotions, manage their time, cope with change, make wise choices and accept responsibility for their actions. We illustrate how to develop these skills from the outset.
  • Adults perform skills independently and complete tasks necessary for work and home life. Children should be expected to do the same and we outline ways how to do that.
  • Wherever a parent is on their parenting journey, and whatever age the child is, now is the time to look forward and plant seeds for the future, beginning with the end in mind. Our shared goal is to honor the glory that is in all of us, and to enhance each child's journey towards their fullest potential. If you are now confused and overwhelmed, you need a compassionate and optimistic guide for the early years and beyond. Where to start? Right here.

    Author: Raun Melmed, Wendela Whitcomb Marsh
    Publisher: Future Horizons
    Published: 04/06/2021
    Pages: 150
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 0.70lbs
    Size: 8.90h x 5.90w x 0.60d
    ISBN: 9781949177664
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