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Ballerhino is a cute, simple little picture book about a Rhino that wants to fly. Instead of flying, he settles for learning how to dance to express his joy, with the help of a few of his friends. Great for younger readers and read-alouds about perseverance. - Springdale Elementary

Ballerhino is a picture book that celebrates a rhino achieving his dreams to dance, despite not beginning as the most graceful creature. The illustrations are fun and provide a nice backdrop for the story, while beautifully highlighting the emotions of the characters. The plot of this children's book lends itself to a social discussion with children based on body positivity, motivation, and the impact of others' words on our feelings. - Plymouth Public Schools

Rhino dreams of being as graceful as a bird. He wants to dance and fly, and flutter But he's so big and clumsy. Maybe if he took some dancing lessons?

A funny and carefree story about dreams and accepting who you are. For young and old ages 5 and up.

  • Guided Reading Level K

    Author: Anne Schneider
    Publisher: Clavis
    Published: 08/11/2020
    Pages: 32
    Binding Type: Hardcover
    Weight: 0.95lbs
    Size: 10.40h x 10.00w x 0.60d
    ISBN: 9781605375847
    Audience: Ages 9-12

    About the Author
    Why does Anne Schneider love making picture books? 'Drawing and reading have always been my main hobbies. But as a child, I had no intention of making my living with them. I wanted to be an actress! I used to write, direct and act all the time, and I was determined to go to the academy of dramatic art. But I was too young for that when I finished my secondary education, so I got the idea to attend a secondary teacher training in drawing for one year and then switch to a school of acting. But I enjoyed my studies so much that I forgot all about my original plan, finished my education, got a job as an art teacher, and started a small business in illustrations and wall paintings. In 2012, I won the Key Colours International Illustrators Award and I felt like a real picture bookmaker. In picture books I combine all my passions: I draw and paint, I make up stories and characters, and I direct how they get to appear. That's why I love making picture books.'

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