Boring2Brave: The 'Bravery-As-A-Strategy' Mindset That's Transforming B2B Marketing

Boring2Brave: The 'Bravery-As-A-Strategy' Mindset That's Transforming B2B Marketing

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Hello. You're a B2B SaaS marketer, right? Yeah, I thought I recognized you. What are you working on? What's that? "Whatever the sales team needs to close the next deal." It's hard, right? The maniacal race to convert leads is an addiction for tech companies. But such deal-driven focus means your B2B marketing often looks identical to that of your growing competitor set: complex, technical, product-led sales messages blurted into another whitepaper. It's self-sabotage: 'fail to differentiate, blend in, become invisible'. If this all sounds familiar, you need this book. Why? Boring2Brave is a step-by-step guide to showing how B2B marketing done differently can influence strategy and '10X' results. It's 'get-off-the-treadmill' time. Stop being measured in metrics you've always known are meaningless and start building your company's brand and value. Mark's 'Bravery-as-a-Strategy' approach unshackles you from the stale, ineffective drudge of conventional B2B software selling. This book will equip you to inject audacity, invention and white-hot competitive advantage into your B2B marketing. Just by being brave. A former editor of Marketing Week magazine, Mark's 20-year career at the heart of global B2B marketing has seen him grow more than 50 B2B technology companies across the world.

Author: Mark Choueke
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Published: 07/01/2021
Pages: 256
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 9.13h x 6.14w x 0.79d
ISBN: 9781788602211

About the Author

A former award-winning journalist, Mark has built a reputation as a leader with a 20-year career at the heart of the global B2B marketing and communications arena.
He's been the 'media', the 'agency' and the 'brand'; has operated within large corporates and startups alike and has raised investment to found and run a successful business.
Mark was editor of Marketing Week magazine and earlier, B2B-focused marketing titles Precision Marketing and Data Strategy and was a business correspondent on newspaper The Sunday Telegraph. Quitting journalism in search of adventure, Mark went to an agency where he worked alongside genuine advertising legends to create stuff that helped grow some of the world's greatest brands.