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Minnesota Historical Society Press

Can't Nobody Make a Sweet Potato Pie Like Our Mama!

Can't Nobody Make a Sweet Potato Pie Like Our Mama!

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From the creator of Sweet Potato Comfort Pie, this heartfelt family story shows how a grandmother's particular way of caring wraps her loved ones and her community in a cinnamon-scented hug.

Marie and Landon bicker about many things, but on one topic they agree: their grandmother, "Mama," makes the best sweet potato pies. Those pies are so tasty, and their grandmother is so good at so many things. The twins sometimes wonder: Does Mama have superpowers?

Marie and Landon love to help Mama bake pies to share. They shop and select, measure and stir. They taste the pie batter and watch Mama put the pies in the oven. They assist with every step. Still, they think there might be some magic involved. Does Mama sprinkle fairy dust into her pies?

When the pies are finally ready, neighbors stop by for a slice and some comfort. Some folks look a little sad when they arrive. After they taste Mama's pies, they leave laughing and singing. The twins marvel at the neighbors' transformation. Why do Mama's pies inspire so much joy?

Mama's generosity and kindness bring comfort to all she meets. Maybe, the twins realize, the magic isn't in the pies. Maybe it's in their Mama.

Author: Rose McGee
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Published: 08/15/2023
Pages: 32
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.10lbs
Size: 10.08h x 10.16w x 0.55d
ISBN: 9781681341996
Audience: Ages 4-8
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