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Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder

Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder

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When Lina's idyllic childhood descends into mental chaos in her teenage years, she resorts to recording her thoughts to make sense of her anguish. Through Lina's heart-wrenching words, the reader steps into her broken inner world to experience first-hand the obsessions, irrationality, angst and ruthlessness of teenage borderline personality disorder. Emo Reality shines a light into the dark corners of adolescent mental illness, demonstrating its ravages not just upon an individual, but upon a whole family.

Emo Reality offers unique insight into BPD, a case study revealing what Lina did, said, thought, heard, and dreamed. The reader will discover how it feels to suffer from mental illness from childhood into adulthood. Lina and her sister shared their lives with friends, in millions of words. The past and present events are their direct experience, condensed by her father, who softened their clichés and offensive language. The future events-Lina's therapy and mature reflections-were added by the author and a psychologist with access to the material. In these, Lina navigates the ineluctable evidence in her archives, coached by her therapist. Her research opens a path to love: by identifying and releasing her burden of false memories, blame, and spite, Lina affirms her emotions while questioning her perceptions. Emo Reality is for teens, young adults, and their families, to increase awareness and encourage them to seek help at the signs of distress. The audiobook is narrated in Lina's voice, so Emo Reality is not only what Lina said, but how she said it.

As a therapist I found the mental health representation to be accurate and insightful. A great job of crafting an interesting narrative based on lived experience, and ending with valuable information.--Stephanie L, US.

As a therapist I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in mental health. The author did a wonderful job of explaining complexities related to mental health, especially the timeframe from childhood to adulthood of how the disorder progressed.--Alex E, US.

A well done fictional memoir based on the author's daughter. As a parent to a child who suffers with mental health I found it helpful. The narrator voices Lina perfectly and held my attention throughout. I would highly recommend this book.--Melissa O, UK.

This book brought me to tears as Lina recounts episodes of hallucinations and misremembering. More than a case study, this is a harrowing exploration of a life living with mental illness.--Alicia C, US.

An unusual book about mental health and family dynamics, strangely compelling, like peeking into a diary. Some readers will bounce off the language, but those who connect will see how mental struggle can affect a family in ripples and crashing waves.--Amelia J, US.

I liked the way this book was written. It had me hooked from the start and was a really interesting read, something completely different to anything I've read before.--Joellen L, UK.

I found the book to be insightful, brutal, and sad at times. Lina is undiagnosed. Her mother is self-absorbed, having a relationship with her daughters like that of a friend. The book was definitely worth the read.--Toni R, US.

An interesting insight into a teenager's experience of living with BPD, her coping strategies, and how she managed relationships. The audiobook was well narrated and allowed me to immerse myself in the book.--Sue J, UK.

Kudos for a lovely book on a difficult topic. Growing up in a dysfunctional household with her distant father, her mother who speaks terrible English, and her sister who can't stay on her side, Lina's personalities multiply. The narrator was perfect.--Tracy B, US.

Author: Jerold Daniels
Publisher: Singapress
Published: 07/28/2023
Pages: 262
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.74lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.59d
ISBN: 9789811867347

Review Citation(s):
PW Booklife Reviews 06/26/2023
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