Fanatical about Frogs

Fanatical about Frogs

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Perfect for quarantine reading with your children

Owen Davey returns with another guide to animals, this time digging into the wonderous world of frogs Cool illustrations and fun facts give you all a kid could want to know, and more about frogs

Did you know that there are over 4,000 known species of frog? Some are bigger than your dinner plate, while others are small enough to sit on your fingernail, and in between is about every color and size you can imagine Leap into this fascinating illustrated guide to the most diverse amphibians in the world, from the lumbering common toad to the beautiful but deadly poison dart frog.

Author: Owen Davey
Publisher: Nobrow Press
Published: 06/18/2019
Pages: 40
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.80lbs
Size: 11.50h x 9.10w x 0.40d
ISBN: 9781912497980
Audience: Ages 4-8

About the Author
Owen Davey is a freelance illustrator, living and working out of Leicester, UK. He graduated with a First Class Degree in Illustration from Falmouth University and his work has since been published in every continent except Antarctica, including picture books in UK, America, Australia, Germany, France, Portugal, China & Korea. He has also created illustrations for many brands including the New York Times, Facebook, and Microsoft.