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Gadgetry: Shirow Miwa Design Archives (Updated English Edition)

Gadgetry: Shirow Miwa Design Archives (Updated English Edition)

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The long-awaited ultimate illustration collection of Shirow Miwa, known as the author of manga DOGS, takes us deep into the core of his imagination
Characters from the game Fate / Grand Order, Saber/Sigurd and Lancer/Brynhild are now included in this updated English edition

Shirow Miwa, the Japanese manga artist and illustrator, is best known for the manga series DOGS and RWBY, but has also contributed to visual works such as the 7th Dragon 2020 and Fate / Grand Order games, and the animated films Kiznaiver and JOKER GAME. In his career as a manga artist and an illustrator, Miwa has drawn a range of edgy characters from ancient people with animal ears, summoned beasts and superhero-like aliens, to true bad boys wearing glasses, pretty girls riding robots, a mysterious priest, samurai in sailor uniforms, brutal twins, a macho butler, a hot boss and many more...

How were these distinctive characters created? Where does Miwa's imagination come from? What was he thinking while he was working on each of these stunning visual works? Delving into the core of Shirow Miwa's imagination, this book will fascinate those in the animation and gaming industries with its treasured rough sketches, character model sheets, and visual illustrations. Included at the end is Shirow Miwa's own commentary on each manga, game, and animations. This additional material gives readers insight into his creative process and thinking and allows them to witness the moment of birth of each of his mysterious characters.

This book is an updated English edition of Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Achieves, which was originally published in Japan. The cover image has been redesigned to feature Saber/Sigurd and Lancer/Brynhild from the game Fate / Grand Order. This edition also showcases new character model sheets of Saber/Sigurd, which will surely satisfy the fans of Shirow Miwa hoping to collect all of his artworks.

Author: Miwa Shirow
Publisher: Pie International
Published: 09/01/2020
Pages: 304
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.75lbs
Size: 9.10h x 7.20w x 1.10d
ISBN: 9784756252968

About the Author
Shirow Miwa is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is well known for his manga DOGS / BULLETS & CARNAGE which is serialized in the manga magazine ULTRA JUMP. He has also contributed to games and animation works such as 7th DRAGON 2020 / 7th DRAGON 2020-Ⅱ, Kiznaiver, JOKER GAME, Fire Emblem: Smash Brethren 3, and worked on Fate /Grand Order as a character designer. His success as an illustrator seems unlimited. He also works as a member of online creative unit supercell.

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