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I, Citizen: A Blueprint for Reclaiming American Self-Governance

I, Citizen: A Blueprint for Reclaiming American Self-Governance

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This is a story of hope, but also of peril. It began when our nation's polarized political class started conscripting everyday citizens into its culture war. From their commanding heights in political parties, media, academia, and government, these partisans have attacked one another for years, but increasingly they've convinced everyday Americans to join the fray.

Why should we feel such animosity toward our fellow citizens, our neighbors, even our own kin? Because we've fallen for the false narrative, eagerly promoted by pundits on the Left and the Right, that citizens who happen to vote Democrat or Republican are enthusiastic supporters of Team Blue or Team Red. Aside from a minority of party activists and partisans, however, most voters are simply trying to choose the lesser of two evils.

The real threat to our union isn't Red vs. Blue America, it's the quiet collusion within our nation's political class to take away that most American of freedoms: our right to self-governance. Even as partisans work overtime to divide Americans against one another, they've erected a system under which we ordinary citizens don't have a voice in the decisions that affect our lives. From foreign wars to how local libraries are run, authority no longer resides with We the People, but amongst unaccountable officials. The political class has stolen our birthright and set us at one another's throats.

This is the story of how that happened and what we can do about it. America stands at a precipice, but there's still time to reclaim authority over our lives and communities.

Author: Tony Woodlief
Publisher: Encounter Books
Published: 12/07/2021
Pages: 264
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.25lbs
Size: 9.10h x 6.00w x 1.20d
ISBN: 9781641772105
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