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Illustration Unzipped

Illustration Unzipped

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This book is a collection of contemporary artists and illustrators who have established their own style and found their voice. Some of them have successfully adapted their work to more commercial uses, while others are seeking to break into the art market. By showcasing this impressive range of illustrators, Illustration Unzipped reveals the most compelling styles and techniques of today. Among the many talents included in this book are Luke Ramsay, Ville Savimaa, Julia Pott, Matthew Hodson, Akinori Oishi Malin and Rosenqvist. Their work serves as inspiration: delve in and find your own true personal voice. This book will appeal to For aspiring and professional illustrators alike, and as well as anyone else interested in this multifaceted creative medium.

Illustrators included: Rose Blake, Oscar Bolton Green, Celyn Brazier, Soo Choi, María Corte, Das Kopf / Laura Parette, Dmytro Didora, Sue Doeksen, Tom Edwards, Leonardo Flores, Golden Cosmos / Doris Freigofas, Daniel Dolz, Christina Gransow, Tom Haugomat, Lea Heinrich, Matthew Hodson, Merijn Hos, Takashi, Iwasaki, Carl Johanson, Viktor Khomenko, Raymond Lemstra, Bj rn Rune Lie, Kihyun Lim, Alexey Luka, Benjamin Marra, Max-o-Matic, Toby Neilan, Never Even Even / Katherine Guillen, Eleanor Davis, Akinori Oishi, Ted Parker, Ken Postics, Julia Pott, Luke Ramsey, Malin Rosenqvist, Sac Magique, Ville Savimaa, Karolin Schnoor, Katie Scott, Nicholas Stevenson, Antti Uotila, Tyra von Zweigbergk, Holly Wales, Andrea Wan, Kimiaki Yaegashi, Yoko Nono, Yeji Yun.

Author: Julia Schonlau
Publisher: Promopress
Published: 11/23/2021
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.50lbs
Size: 8.35h x 7.09w x 0.71d
ISBN: 9788417412876

About the Author

Berlin-based artist Julia Schonlau is an art and design connoisseur and an illustrator. She studied Media Art at Chelsea College in London and received a master's degree in Communication Design from the Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin. Before becoming a freelance illustrator and character designer, Schonlau got her start designing covers, flyers and posters for musician friends. Since then, she has worked internationally with art directors for lifestyle magazines, children's books and editorial publications.

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