Inevitable Revolutions: Secrets and Strategies for a Successful Business

Inevitable Revolutions: Secrets and Strategies for a Successful Business

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Take ownership of your business cycle! Aaron Vick is a serial entrepreneur who has extensive lived experience in the growth cycles of business; he has distilled his observations of these measurable cycles into practical know-how to help any business leader stay on the cutting edge of success.


It's not time, but complacency that is the great equalizer of man's endeavors, and nowhere is this more apparent than in your business. The moment that you break your vigil, let your guard down, and stop looking introspectively - that's the moment where things will begin to CRUMBLE.

In his master work, Inevitable Revolutions, serial entrepreneur Aaron Vick catalogues the repetitious growth cycles of business organizations worldwide. By comparing this growth anthropomorphically to that of a human child, Vick is able to pinpoint the key leadership characteristics, as well as the organizational milestones, necessary to ensure continued entrepreneurial longevity.

Start reading now to:
    Learn the telltale signs of each of your company's unique growth cycle metrics Understand how the health of company is often a reflection of the health of its foremost leaders Discover how to identify and mitigate bottlenecks and hazardous departmental silos Gain the skills necessary to identify and implement a successful exit strategy that leaves you poised and ready for the next professional opportunity Learn why emotional intelligence is the core characteristic of leadership today Discover the power of COAR Understand the overriding characteristics of a "leaderpreneur" and steward leadership Learn how to hack your business model by leveraging the knowledge of its fluid, cyclical evolutions

Inevitable Revolutions is a comprehensive dive into the machinations of founding, growing and ultimately leaving your company - provided, of course, that the timing is right.

Understand what's happening now, so you can predict what's coming next! Grab your copy today and embrace the Inevitable Revolutions of your business!

Author: Aaron Vick
Publisher: Leaders Press
Published: 08/24/2021
Pages: 144
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 7.70h x 4.80w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9781637350218