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It's Not about the Pie: A Fresh Look at Hospitality

It's Not about the Pie: A Fresh Look at Hospitality

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It's Not About The Pie is a fresh look at hospitality. Nicki Corinne White often hears from people that they are not "gifted" in hospitality. It always makes her cringe a bit. She has always felt that, if there is a need we can meet, we should meet it. Her home is far from perfect, but she does not think that matters to most who enter her home. They are so thankful that they are welcome and look forward to their time whether it's for a dinner party, Bible study or just to share their heart.

This book deals with how to be hospitable, ideas for decorating, recipes for tasting and how you can reach out to the needy. It focuses on what God wants our perspective to be on inviting others into our home, why we should have others into our home, and the fact that your home does not have to be perfect. Just open. It will also give you encouragement about how to reach out to widows, orphans and others in need. The key is to be willing and work at ways to keep your home open. Maybe this book's purpose is to show you ideas that will allow you to make a few things, so you will feel more comfortable having someone stay with you.

It's Not About The Pie also gives examples of people helping people in a variety of ways. From an older woman befriending a newcomer in town to a church paying expenses for someone who has cancer and cannot pay the bills to the neighbor watching little children, so someone can go out for a long needed date night. It also shares Bible verses on what our role truly is that God has shown us in His Word.

It's Not About The Pie will inspire readers to have the encouragement they need to welcome the neighbor that they have been wanting to know, the young widow with little kids who just needs a fun night or someone going through chemo whose spouse is beside himself not knowing what to do and just in need of a listening ear. Maybe someone has a guest room that is only used once a year but could be used to help a missionary family or a college student who has nowhere to go during spring break. There are needs everywhere for us to meet. This book will inspire our hearts to go beyond the norm.

Author: Nicki Corinne White
Publisher: Carpenter's Son Publishing
Published: 08/01/2019
Pages: 208
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.90lbs
Size: 7.90h x 10.10w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9781949572032
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