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Kill Red

Kill Red

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The third installment in a bold, new, action-packed historical western series by Max O'Hara featuring fearless railroad detective Wolf Stockburn.

Riding the rails across America's uncivilized and unpredictable western frontier requires true grit. For Wolf Stockburn, Railroad Detective, it takes a keen eye, quick draw, and dead aim to protect passengers from the most dangerous outlaws in the west--or avenge them...


Red Miller is more than a thief and a killer. He robs banks and trains not just for the money, but to spit in the eye of every badge-toting lawman who dares enforce law and order. He surrounds himself with only the deadliest of desperadoes--and takes a perverse pleasure in deadly bloodshed.

Five of those people have banded together. They have all lost something to Red's murderous rampage. There is no place in America or Mexico where the bandit and his gang can hide from their vengeance. And they're led by Wolf Stockburn, Wells Fargo detective and a dead shot who knows that sometimes justice comes only from the barrels of smoking guns.

Author: Max O'Hara
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Published: 05/24/2022
Pages: 416
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.54lbs
Size: 7.08h x 5.01w x 1.09d
ISBN: 9780786047123
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