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Cassava Republic Press

Men Don't Cry

Men Don't Cry

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Is it possible to make your own path in the world while upholding your family legacy? That's the question at the heart of this tender and poignant coming-of-age story from the widely-acclaimed author of Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow.

Born in Nice to Algerian parents, Mourad is fuelled by the desire to forge his own destiny. His retired father spends his days fixing up things in the backyard; his mother, bemoaning the loss of her natal village in North Africa. Mourad lives in fear of becoming an overweight bachelor with salt and pepper hair, living off his mother's cooking. When Mourad's father has a stroke, he makes his son promise to reconcile things with his estranged sister Dounia, a staunch feminist and aspiring politician, who had always felt constrained living at home. Now living in the Paris suburbs himself, Mourad tracks down Dounia and battles to span the gulf separating her and the rest of the family.

Author: Faiza Guene
Publisher: Cassava Republic Press
Published: 01/04/2022
Pages: 216
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 8.35h x 5.20w x 0.79d
ISBN: 9781911115694

About the Author

Faïza Guène is a French writer and director. She was born in France in 1985 to parents of Algerian origin. Spotted at a writing workshop at the age of 18, Faïza made an astonishing literary debut with the international bestseller, Kiffe kiffe demain (Hachette Littératures, 2004), which has been translated into over thirty languages. This was followed by two further novels Du rêve pour les oufs. (Hachette Littératures, 2006) and Les gens du Balto. (Hachette Littératures, 2008). Faïza has acquired a reputation as one of France's most unique contemporary literary voices. Faïza has also directed several short films, including Rien que des mots (2004).

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