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My Vibe is New York-based poet and writer Jeremy Sigler's collection of diaristic tales by an only partly sympathetic struggling poet who flirts with--and often fails at--creating romance and playful distractions in his otherwise boring life. The tales are self-deprecating, awkward, nostalgic and at times perverse, but they retain warmth, honesty, whimsy, charm and are often wickedly funny. "I love pseudoscience. I love it. Next time I read my work in public, I'm gonna cut out big cardboard letters and paint them red. I'm gonna prop them up behind me: T-E-D. Pseudoscientists get all the fans. They get all the love letters. For their viral youtubes of levitating beer cans. The Pseudos get all the attention. They go viral. Unlike poets."

"Jeremy's voice is one you can't deny; it's crisp, clever and sometimes creepy. It's like finding someone's old journals, their identity revealed bit by bit, confession by confession." - Abbi Jacobson, Broad City

Author: Jeremy Sigler
Publisher: Spoonbill Books
Published: 05/23/2017
Pages: 140
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 7.20h x 5.20w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9780692769485

About the Author
Jeremy Sigler (born 1968) is a poet, critic and teacher living in Brooklyn, New York. Sigler has had four collections of poetry published, including Crackpot Poet (Black Square Editions, 2010).