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Neglected, Damaged, Graced: Scars on the Inside

Neglected, Damaged, Graced: Scars on the Inside

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Neglected Damaged Graced will change you. It will open your mind and your heart. NDG will allow you to see into the dark corners of our human experience and convince you that the part we each play matters more than we think. It will take you on a journey of emotional atrocity and give proof that with a little Grace, the human spirit is resilient beyond imagination.A simple reality we all face in these trying times is that we are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. No matter how far gone some people may seem, no matter how dire their circumstances are, we can each make a great difference in their lives. NDG will show you exactly how important your small acts of Grace can be. "Neglected, Damaged, Graced: Scars on the Inside" invites you into the life of a wounded child who was abused and neglected. A child trained by his experiences to become an uncaring heartless sociopath only to be saved by random acts of loving Grace.You'll be in the room with him as he experiences the heartache and confusion of his neglect and abuse. You'll see how these events wound his spirit and harden his heart. You'll see how the developing mind processes these types of experiences with only the limited information provided by the dysfunctional people in his life. You'll experience his successes and his failures as he does. Your heart will pound and then fill with joy as you cheer for him to weather the storms fate brought his way. You'll want to help him make positive choices and well up when you see how love and compassion can beat the odds.While much of humanity is seemingly crumbling around us there is one thing for certain; we either pick up the pieces together or we continue to fracture into them. While professionals can help they may not be as necessary to our solutions as popular culture suggests. The key to our healing is simple but not easy. We must all try to be more compassionate and willing. Everything we need to save ourselves from devolution is in our hearts. Everything we need to save our communities is in our hands. If you need convincing, if you need to be inspired to act, you need to read Neglected Damaged Graced.

Author: Emmanuel S. John
Publisher: Books for Your Head Publishing
Published: 07/08/2023
Pages: 290
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.86lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.61d
ISBN: 9780985189884

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