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Paradise, WV

Paradise, WV

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Paradise, WV is chock-full of transient characters seeking truth and belonging amid bleak circumstances. Rufus adeptly explores the often-overlooked angles of the opioid epidemic and true crime fascination: empathy and hope. Between the eerie backroads, disturbing killings, and a snake-handling cult--I couldn't look away! If Flannery O'Connor's fiction and Metallica's music had a baby, it would be this book. --Jennifer Moffett, author of Those Who Prey

In a poor West Virginia town decimated by the opioid epidemic, teenagers Henry and Jane have it worse than most. Their father is Hollis Lusher, a convicted serial killer known as "the Blind Spot Slasher."

Despite being bullied and ostracized, the siblings maintain their father's innocence. But now, a popular true-crime podcast is coming to town, and their presence turns all eyes to the Blind Spot Slasher's case...and Henry and Jane.

Meanwhile, an eager young officer, Lieutenant Elena Garcia, is put on the case of a missing girl. Despite warnings from her superiors, Garcia begins to dig deeper into the case and realizes there may be other mysteries buried in the flood of opioid-related crimes. With many deaths quickly labeled as overdoses, or "No Human Involved," she fears the drug epidemic has created the perfect storm for a Blind Spot Slasher copycat to thrive. Unless that is, they never caught the real Blind Spot Slasher.

An amateur private investigator is also on the case: Henry's new friend, Otis. A home-schooled genius with his own family issues and a suspicion their father might be innocent, Otis makes it his mission to help Henry and Jane find the real killer. As the three probe into the evidence, they discover a possible connection between the killings and a doomsday, snake-handling cult--propelling them all down the dark backroads of Appalachia to find justice for Hollis and themselves.

Author: Rob Rufus
Publisher: Keylight Books
Published: 07/20/2021
Pages: 334
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 8.66h x 5.59w x 1.34d
ISBN: 9781684426706

Review Citation(s):
Publishers Weekly 05/31/2021
Foreword 06/26/2021
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