Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 7, 7

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 7, 7

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New friends, new lands, and all-new Pokémon: Return to one of the greatest adventures!

Most kids spend their days at school, but not Hareta. Raised in the wild by Pokémon, he can climb as high as an Aipom, swim as fast as a Magikarp, and even eat bark like a Bidoof!

Go for Giratina!

Hareta's father urges him to hurry up and find the Legendary Pokémon Giratina. But someone else is on the trail! Then Cyrus goes missing. Is he in need of a rescue? Plus--a Pokémon is born!

All this and a bonus story, Return to Hareta's Home Forest!

Author: Shigekatsu Ihara
Publisher: Viz Media
Published: 07/06/2010
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.37lbs
Size: 7.53h x 5.05w x 0.63d
ISBN: 9781421534916
Audience: Ages 9-12