Quest Program II: Social Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students with Autism

Quest Program II: Social Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students with Autism

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Why start a social skills program? The question is not why, but why not? With inclusive education becoming the norm in schools nationwide, teachers often struggle to address students' non-academic needs, but teachers need ready-to-use lessons that won't interfere with their curriculum. Quest Program II is a social skills program created to help middle school students with autism who struggle with social skills and pragmatic language.

Developed by a school social worker and speech language pathologist, the program uses an intensive, proactive approach to teaching social skills, combining written instruction with games, activities, and student interaction. Six helpful units include:

  • School Survival Basics
  • Understanding and Managing Emotions
  • Communication Skills
  • Making Friends and Interacting with Peers
  • Personal Safety
  • Vocational Readiness
  • These can be implemented either chronologically or on their own.

    Evidence-based research supports the methods used, and students have a great time learning-by-doing, through role-play and real-world experience. Parents are kept in the loop with email updates and evaluations. Everyone wins with this program Best of all, the book includes a CD of printable worksheets, letters, forms, and more

    Author: Joellen Cumpata, Susan Fell
    Publisher: Future Horizons
    Published: 04/07/2015
    Pages: 300
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 2.20lbs
    Size: 10.70h x 8.40w x 0.90d
    ISBN: 9781941765098