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Star Wars Legends: Boba Fett - Blood Ties

Star Wars Legends: Boba Fett - Blood Ties

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The galaxy's most feared bounty hunter blazes into the spotlight! Years ago, Boba Fett's father Jango took on an important mission with a big payday. But things went awry, and now Boba must pick up the pieces! Then, a rumor spreads that Boba Fett is dead -- but who is picking off his "killers" one by one? Can the son of one of Jango Fett's clones learn the truth? Plus, Boba takes on big bounties, battles the Empire and faces down an imposter in more tales of the fan-favorite in the Mandalorian armor!

COLLECTING: Star Wars: Blood Ties (2010) 1-4; Star Wars: Blood Ties - Boba Fett Is Dead (2012) 1-4; Star Wars: Empire (2002) 7, 28; Star Wars: Boba Fett (1997) 1/2; Star Wars: Boba Fett - Twin Engines of Destruction (1997) 1; Star Wars: Boba Fett - Agent of Doom (2000) 1; material from Star Wars Tales (1997) 7

Author: Tom Taylor, John Wagner, Ron Marz
Publisher: Marvel
Published: 11/09/2021
Pages: 336
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.20lbs
Size: 6.54h x 10.08w x 0.55d
ISBN: 9781302932121
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