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Dalkey Archive Press



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With a twisted sense of humor and a heavy dose of fantasy, Katchadjian takes those things that are so common as to be ordinary--bad bosses, crazy significant others, descent into drug use--and sets them in a realm that brings to mind Kafka or Koj ve.

Our narrator presents us with a constantly moving array of bizarre, philosophically tinged excitement: a slave rebellion in a strange castle on an unnamed island, an attack of flying worms made of ash which either represents Adam's sin or the Oedipal complex, a feral young woman who lives off the grid on whatever she can scrounge, and a hallucinatory root that throws the narrator into a black void, which he comes to fear he may never escape.

Author: Pablo Katchadjian
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
Published: 10/29/2019
Pages: 96
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.30lbs
Size: 7.00h x 4.90w x 0.40d
ISBN: 9781628972955
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