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Harper Voyager

The Blind King's Wrath

The Blind King's Wrath

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The final chapter in Ashok K. Banker's acclaimed Burnt Empire Saga, The Blind King's Wrath depicts the climactic battle between Krushni and her father, the Demonlord Jarsun, for the Burning Throne and the fate of the Krushan dynasty.

The Demonlord Jarsun is poised to claim the Burning Throne and cement his rule over the Burnt Empire. Standing in his way is his daughter, now reincarnated into a new avatar named Krushni, who is determined to avenge her mother's death by his hand--and put an end to her father's reign of terror once and for all. Aligned with him is the vast army of the Empire, the One Hundred children of Emperor Adri, and their former guru, the legendary warrior Dronas.

Krushni has allies too. Also opposing the tyrant Jarsun are the children of his nephew Shvate--the supernaturally-gifted quintet known as the Five. But Krushni and The Five are vastly outnumbered, while other rogue individuals like Ladislew, the warrior-witch, serve their own secret agendas.

In this final volume of Banker's epic saga of the Krushan dynasty, the land of Hastinaga will be torn asunder as the final battle for the empire rages between father and daughter, uncle and nephew, lover and enemy. And the Burning Throne will revel in the violence of it all.

Author: Ashok K. Banker
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Published: 05/03/2022
Pages: 416
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.84lbs
Size: 9.04h x 6.05w x 0.97d
ISBN: 9780358451334

Review Citation(s):
Library Journal 12/01/2021 pg. 15
Publishers Weekly 04/18/2022
Booklist 04/22/2022

About the Author
ASHOK K. BANKER is the pioneer of the speculative fiction genre in India and the author of more than seventy books, including the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series and the first two books of his Burnt Empire Saga, Upon a Burning Throne and A Dark Queen Rises. His works have all been bestsellers in India and have sold around the world.

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