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Visible Ink Press

The Handy Christianity Answer Book

The Handy Christianity Answer Book

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Engaging answers to common questions on the history, beliefs, practices and what it means to be a Christian.

What does it mean to be a Christian? What is the core of the faith? What does it mean to follow the gospel? What is the significance of the rites, rituals, and symbols of Christianity, such as baptism and the crucifix? Who was Jesus Christ and what was His life like? How did Christianity start, spread, and grow? What are the differences--and similarities--between Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism? How did Christianity influence art, architecture, music, and movies?

The Handy Christianity Answer Book provides detailed descriptions of the teachings of Jesus, Christian beliefs about Jesus, ceremonies, symbols, rituals, observations, customs, leaders, and organization of the world's largest religion. It clearly and eloquently explains how different Christians think and delves into the richness of the Christian tradition. This engaging, user-friendly primer looks at the significance of the Bible, Jesus, the Apostles, the Trinity, the Eucharist, historical schisms, divisions among different denominations, worship, sacraments, prayer, and much more. This important reference answers nearly 900 questions and offers fun facts that cover Christian history, religious practices, and cultural perspectives, including ...

  • Who is a Christian?
  • Why are there so many different kinds of Christians?
  • Do the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us anything about Jesus?
  • What language did Jesus speak?
  • What are the last words spoken by Jesus?
  • What is the style of the teachings of Jesus?
  • What did Jesus say about loving one's enemies?
  • Did Jesus have brothers?
  • Who was John the Baptist?
  • What are the basic beliefs of Mainline Christians?
  • What is the Nicene Creed?
  • What does Jesus have to do with the way our years are numbered?
  • What is the Christian belief in an immortal soul?
  • Is Heaven up and Hell down?
  • Are there other kinds of angels besides angels and archangels?
  • What is the devil?
  • What were the Crusades?
  • What was the Black Death?
  • Who was Joan of Arc?
  • Why is Martin Luther so important?
  • What was Henry VIII of England's role in changing Christianity?
  • What is the Salvation Army?
  • Who was Pere Jacques Marquette?
  • What are the Gothic cathedrals?
  • Why was the artist Michelangelo important to Christians?
  • Why do most churches have organs?
  • What is the earliest major film about Jesus?
  • What are the Catholic Sacraments?
  • What is the Jesus Seminar?
  • What is the largest statue of Jesus?
  • What is the story behind Our Lady of Guadalupe?

  • This information-rich book also provides a historic timeline, a glossary of commonly used terms, and a bibliography help further exploration of the world's largest religion. A perfect companion for anyone seeking a better understanding of Christianity.

    Author: Stephen A. Werner
    Publisher: Visible Ink Press
    Published: 03/01/2019
    Pages: 416
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 1.50lbs
    Size: 9.20h x 7.10w x 1.00d
    ISBN: 9781578596867
    Audience: Young Adult

    Review Citation(s):
    Library Journal 06/01/2019 pg. 145

    About the Author
    Stephen A. Werner, Ph.D. received his doctorate in Historical Study of Christian Theology from Saint Louis University. He has nearly 30 years of experience teaching courses in American Christianity; Christian History; Early, Medieval, Reformation and Modern Christianity; the New Testament; Essence of Christianity; and American Religion at several universities in the St. Louis area, including at the Department of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University and the Religious Studies Department at Webster University. In addition to Christian history, he has taught courses on world religions, religion and art, mythology, and creative thinking. His forthcoming book How to Study Religion provides a highly readable and easy-to-understand introduction to religion for college students or for those who are curious about religion. Werner resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

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