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Fortress Publishing, Inc

The Killer of Devils

The Killer of Devils

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Calista "Cali" Lindquist is a final girl.

She once had to fight and destroy an unkillable beast.

Now, she and her mother hunt monsters.

On a crusade to ensure no one else experiences such horror and loss, Cali and her mother travel to Philadelphia to track a depraved soul who uses face paints and magic tricks to prey on the innocent. While hunting that monster, they cross paths with Collin, a faithful and treacherous follower of the enigmatic figure, Master Poppie. Building an army using an insanity inducing powder that turns regular people into murderous face-painted lunatics, Collin and Master Poppie have their sights set on a dangerous prize.

As the number of murder clowns increases, as well as the number of brutal deaths by their hands, Cali puts herself directly in their path. Speeding on a collision course of terror and carnage, she is ready to pay any price to keep the streets from running red with the blood of unsuspecting victims. However, beyond the horde of bloodthirsty clowns, there is one factor that could derail Cali's mission she never took into consideration - her past.

It's monster hunter versus murder clowns in an all-out battle of madness and mayhem!

Author: Viktor Bloodstone
Publisher: Fortress Publishing, Inc
Published: 09/01/2023
Pages: 302
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.89lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.63d
ISBN: 9781959797012
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