The Modernized Grivas Sicilian

The Modernized Grivas Sicilian

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The Sicilian Defense is an opening that commences with the moves 1.e4 c5. The
Sicilian Defense is the most popular and best-scoring response to White's first
move 1.e4. For example, 1.d4, is a statistically more successful opening for
White because of the high success rate of the Sicilian Defense against 1.e4.

The Sicilian is Black's most dynamic, asymmetrical reply to 1.P-K4. It produces the
psychological and tension factors which denote the best in modern play and
gives notice of a fierce fight on the very first move.'

The Modernized Grivas Sicilian is an unique variation within the Sicilian developed by Grandmaster Grivas, the reason why it has his name.

Author: Grivas
Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Published: 02/22/2022
Pages: 496
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.05lbs
Size: 9.20h x 6.80w x 1.30d
ISBN: 9789464201390