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Daylight Books

The Return

The Return

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Adrain Chesser and ritualist Timothy White Eagle traveled throughout western US with a loose band of comrades, practicing a hunter-gatherer way of life. A lyrical portrait of a contemporary nomadic existence, The Return is a call to arms to detach from destructive modernity.--Hyperallergic

Adrain Chesser is largely self-taught and has refined his practice through a mentor/protege relationship with Rosalind Solomon and later Debbie Fleming Caffery. He completed a Santa Fe Art Institute residency in April 2005. He has been featured on TEDx Vienna and has exhibited in Austria, Louisiana, Missouri, NYC, Pennsylvania, Washington and many more. Collections of Chesser's work can be found at The Museum Fine Arts (Houston), Norton Museum of Art, Portland Museum of Fine Art and Vincent Price Collection At East Los Angeles College.

Timothy White Eagle, born in Tucson AZ, his mother was Apache from White Mountain. He was given up for adoption and raised by a working class white family in Washington state. Graduated from Univ. of Utah with a BFA in Theater. He spent his 20's exploring performance based art. He has worked extensively in the past two decades exploring Native American, Pagan and other earth based Spiritual practices. He began a mentor/protege relationship with Shoshone Elder Clyde Hall in 1995. Around that same time he began helping to craft personal and community rituals within his Spiritual circles. In 2006 he began collaborating with photographer Adrain Chesser. Their work together has been displayed and published nationally and internationally. In 2014 he and Adrain released their book, the Return. Timothy continues to foster relationships with artists seeking to create objects and performances which contain the convenience of Spirit. He dances at a unique cross roads between art and ritual.

Author: Adrain Chesser
Publisher: Daylight Books
Published: 04/30/2014
Pages: 144
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.90lbs
Size: 10.80h x 9.20w x 0.60d
ISBN: 9780988983199
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