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The Top 2 Percent: How to Become the Highest-Paid, Highest-Profile Person in Your Industry

The Top 2 Percent: How to Become the Highest-Paid, Highest-Profile Person in Your Industry

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Quickly join the ranks of the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest Top 2 Percent in the world
Researchers have confirmed what many of us have intuitively known for most of our lives: The top 2 percent of Americans set the trend for clothes, cars, entertainment, even food. But, more importantly, they are also healthier and happier (despite any myths you may have heard) and have greater control of their time.
Imagine putting typical everyday stressors aside, such as money worries, being a slave to a dead-end job, or living in an undesirable location. Imagine having the resources to help those you love the most--and to contribute to charities and organizations to make a meaningful difference in the world. Here's what you'll learn:
  • How to implement the STARS model to become a highly paid professional and fulfilled human being
  • The four personality traits that the Top 2 Percent hold in common
  • The four skills you must develop to be in the Top 2 Percent
  • How to cultivate the best traits, attitudes, and qualities that lead to lifelong success
  • How to practice the art of "strategic contentment" Once you're there, economic recessions will be much easier to weather, and you'll have the time and resources to reach goals that you never thought possible.

    Author: Nightingale-Conant, The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
    Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
    Published: 09/21/2021
    Pages: 218
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 0.75lbs
    Size: 8.90h x 5.91w x 0.63d
    ISBN: 9781642011111

    About the Author
    Nightingale-Conant is the world leader in personal development, spiritual growth, wealth building, mind development, and wellness content. The company provides audiobooks, courses, seminars, and videos from notable authors like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar among many others. Access the full catalog at

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