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Unlock!: 7 Steps to Transform Your Career and Realize Your Leadership Potential

Unlock!: 7 Steps to Transform Your Career and Realize Your Leadership Potential

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What if there was a template you could follow to map your own career success in these disruptive times?

The world is filled with smart, talented, and hardworking people whose careers get stuck. Are you feeling like one of them?

Despite what most career self-help books would tell you, getting unstuck is about more than motivation. For the past decade, Silicon Valley executive and leadership coach Abhijeet Khadilkar has been helping some of the most driven, entrepreneurial and creative people in the world to unlock their potential and accelerate their careers. In this book, he reveals what it really takes to find your own North Star for personal growth.

Unlock is filled with templates, guides and a framework for the seven crucial steps anyone can use to unlock their potential as a leader, even during a recession (or a global pandemic). From a guide to learning how to take advantage of market trends to advice on how to build on your existing strengths, the insights in this book will help you start turning the flywheel of career growth to create value for your organization, community, AND yourself.

Written in an easy-to-access style, Unlock includes strategies, work examples, and practical exercises as well as reflections useful at any stage of your career. The path to building a more fulfilling career is ahead, and this book is the guide you need to unlock your true leadership potential.

Unlock's 7 Step Process shows you how to set your career goals, yet make them adaptable to the ever-changing business world. They show you how to become a stronger leader in the workplace, contributing to advancement and opportunities you never would have thought possible.

* The North Star guides you toward what you really want to do and who you would like to become. Once you complete this step, you'll have a strong light to point out your path to success.

* Discovery allows you to uncover new career opportunities based on your existing skills and new skills you may acquire in the future. You'll have a lens to re-imagine the bucket of skills and experience you already have.

* Horizon shows you how to align your career path with market trends. Discover near term and long range trends that move you from chasing the market to leading it.

* Resolve prompts you to make decisions based on facts and commit to those decisions professionally and emotionally. You'll know how to include the most important factors of your life into your career decisions.

* Moniker demonstrates how to build a professional brand, both online and off. You'll be able to control other people's perceptions of who you are--even before they meet you.

* Elevate provides a roadmap for your first 90 days in your new career or company position. Through a series of recurring activities, you'll accelerate your career growth and expertise using a compounding effect.

* Reinvent allows you to take some time to reflect and regroup. You'll have a plan to prepare for that all-important annual review, as well as being able to analyze what is working and what isn't, and adjust accordingly.

These seven steps guide you in an unerring direction to your own personal north star of career success. By examining yourself using the templates provided to you via a QR code, you can create a career that is satisfactory on many different levels.

Unlock is the book you need right now to unlock your true potential. Full of powerful exercises for you to transform yourself into an exception leader, the book is also easy to read and follow. If you are ready to accelerate your life and career, RIGHT NOW, grab this book and get going

Author: Abhijeet Khadilkar
Publisher: Vicara Books
Published: 09/29/2020
Pages: 280
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.70lbs
Size: 9.10h x 6.00w x 0.80d
ISBN: 9781646870301
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