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Watch Dogs: Stars & Stripes

Watch Dogs: Stars & Stripes

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Infamous hacker Aiden Pearce, main protagonist of the Watch Dogs(R) games, follows a bloody trail of corruption to the highest levels of government in this gritty action adventure from the bestselling videogame

Older, but not necessarily wiser, Aiden Pearce, "the Fox", is a rolling stone, surviving by moving from one shadowy hacker job to the next. While in Baltimore, he's captured by a mysterious agent who insists finding missing cargo full of transhuman tech is something only Pearce can do. When flattery doesn't work, he's blackmailed into taking the job. Worse, he's partnered again with the unscrupulous Jordi Chin. Soon what looks like a simple investigation spirals into a nefarious plot leading all the way to the White House. Yet why should Aiden help a country that only wants him behind bars? For the Vigilante, no one escapes hard justice - not even Uncle Sam.

Author: Sean Grigsby, Stewart Hotston
Publisher: Aconyte
Published: 04/26/2022
Pages: 320
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.56lbs
Size: 7.84h x 5.32w x 0.85d
ISBN: 9781839081262
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