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Sound Wisdom

We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

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Will your business relationships suffer or be saved by your ability to communicate?

Like it or not, professional relationships are impacted - positively or negatively - by the ability to communicate. Customers are won or lost - employees are encouraged or de-motivated - professional networks are expanded or extinguished - all by how well we communicate. We Need to Talk reveals key strategies to help you build trust, win respect and sidestep common minefields when communicating gets critical.

"As a manager in a client service environment, the need frequently arises to have critical conversations. Within days of reading We Need to Talk, I applied two of the principles Phil described and was beyond thrilled at the outcome. Not only did my associate respond favorably to the message, but agreed that changes were needed and committed to making them. I was utterly amazed at how easy it was to have the conversation. Every manager, no matter how experienced can benefit from this book. The time comes for you to have your next critical conversation, pick up We Need to Talk. You'll be glad you did " --Priscilla Pinnegar, Client Support Manager II ADP, Inc.

Discover how you can:
  • Establish empathy and trust when communicating with subordinates, co-workers, superiors or customers
  • Rebuild the believability quotient when truthfulness has not always been practiced
  • Rein in "brutal honesty" and the damage it causes
  • Build rapport by "actively" listening
  • Earn respect while delivering difficult or sensitive messages
  • Build integrity while eliminating communication barriers like the "grapevine"
  • And get results by guaranteeing the message you intended was interpreted correctly
Through a masterful use of stories and illustrations, We Need to Talk reveals six unique, powerful strategies for communicating successfully when relationships and results are riding on your abilities.

Author: Phillip Van Hooser
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
Published: 02/18/2020
Pages: 112
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.35lbs
Size: 8.80h x 5.90w x 0.40d
ISBN: 9781640951556

About the Author

Phillip Van Hooser is committed to helping organizations build the leadership performance of their people to drive business results and profitability. Using his commonsense approach to leadership development, service and communication, companies experience strengthened employee and customer relationships, along with heightened levels of engagement and better bottom line business results.

Phil is an accomplished speaker, author and business leader. He has written multiple books including We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical and Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership. His leadership development work helps top U.S. companies and small-town leaders alike deliver on their commitments to employees, customers and shareholders.

Phillip Van Hooser is a 30+ year member and past president of the National Speakers Association. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and has been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. In 2014, Phil started a non-profit initiative for the development of rural-area millennial leaders. Calling it one of the most rewarding efforts of his career, Phil serves as advisor, leadership instructor, mentor and coach for 25 to 35 year olds seeking leadership growth and training.

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