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Brown Books Kids

Ashur's Tears

Ashur's Tears

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An Ancient Magic Technology Reaches across the Ages to Wreak Havoc

Toby Cypher has it pretty good. He's on the cusp of success with his mimics (programmable morphing robots indistinguishable from humans), he has a side gig volunteering at the Air Force Museum, and he's tutoring the prettiest, coolest girl in school. Toby's world falls apart when he learns that his father--Dr. Erasmus Cypher, a scientist who does classified work for the government--has gone down in a plane crash over Iraq. But Toby's sister Katie soon uncovers a secret message on their dad's smart phone--a message sent after the plane crashed. Toby and Katie are drawn into the dizzying world of their father's secret work, a world of untold danger and pro-found histories, where the two siblings will need all their wits just to survive. Science meets magic in award-winning author Bill Riley's debut fiction novel, Ashur's Tears, the fast-paced, intricately plotted first installment in the Cypher series.--Bill Riley

Author: Bill Riley
Publisher: Brown Books Kids
Published: 06/21/2022
Pages: 320
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.97lbs
ISBN: 9781612545349
Audience: Young Adult

Review Citation(s):
School Library Journal 02/01/2022 pg. 76
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