Banished Children of Eve: A Novel of Civil War New York

Banished Children of Eve: A Novel of Civil War New York

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Named one of the top twenty books every Irish American should read by Irish Central

The Civil War has just entered its third bloody year, and the North is about to impose its first military draft, a decision that will spark the most devastating and destructive urban riot in American history. Banished Children of Eve traces that event as its tentacles grip New York City. The cast is drawn from every stratum: a likeable and laconic Irish-American hustler, an ambitious and larcenous Yankee stockbroker, an immigrant serving girl, a beautiful and mysterious mulatto actress and her white minstrel lover as well as a cluster of real-life characters, including scheming, ever-pompous General George McClellan; fiery, fierce Archbishop "Dagger John" Hughes; and fast-declining musical genius Stephen Foster. The fates of these characters coalesce in the cataclysm of the Draft Riots, as a pivotal period in the history of New York and the nation is painfully, vividly, magically bought to life.

Author: Peter Quinn
Publisher: New York Relit
Published: 04/06/2021
Pages: 624
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.85lbs
Size: 8.90h x 6.00w x 1.40d
ISBN: 9780823294084
Age Range: 18-UP

About the Author
Peter Quinn is a novelist, political historian, and foremost chronicler of New York City. He is the author of Looking for Jimmy: In Search of Irish America and a trilogy of historical detective novels--Hour of the Cat, The Man Who Never Returned, and Dry Bones.