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Go!games Super Colossal Book of Word Search: 365 Great Puzzles

Go!games Super Colossal Book of Word Search: 365 Great Puzzles

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Love word searches? Then try this super-duper colossal collection of 365 searches--a full year's worth of mind-melting puzzles that will (as a bonus) improve your vocabulary, too. Every page has TWO word searches on it, each with a cool theme, like File Extensions and Fountains or Jelly Beans and Letter Order.

See how many Movie Stars (Damon, Diesel, Streep) catch your eye or fun Onomatopoeia words you can circle--boom, buzz, clang, click, gurgle, hiccup, honk. Experts who want something really challenging will find what they want here, too. Conifer includes such tree names as bristlecone, loblolly, and tamarack, while Quantum Mechanics offers bosons, fermions, and isobar. And for something a little unusual, there's even a Minnesota Zip Code puzzle, where you look for groups of numbers. But the truly brain-busting ones come at the end of the book, when the puzzles veer from the standard to the really challenging, and some even have no word list at all. They're hard, they're tough . . . and they're wildly entertaining

Author: Christy Davis
Publisher: Imagine
Published: 08/01/2013
Pages: 429
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.60lbs
Size: 9.00h x 7.00w x 0.90d
ISBN: 9781623540029

About the Author
Christy Davis has been involved with the creation of word puzzles for over 15 years, and has co-authored many successful puzzle books and calendars, including GO!GAMES WORD SEARCH, and GO!GAMES ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE WORD SEARCH. She is also a CEO, Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), Notary Public, author, speaker, personal consultant, and amateur photographer. Christy lives in Burleson, TX with her husband.

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