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Bold Whisper Books, LLC

I Am Abigail: A Texas Woman's Childhood Nightmare - And Her Escape From Hell as a Sex Slave/Survivor

I Am Abigail: A Texas Woman's Childhood Nightmare - And Her Escape From Hell as a Sex Slave/Survivor

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My name is Abigail Alvarado. When I was nine, Child Protective Services removed me and my siblings from my mother's home, a known crack house, due to neglect. After an extended stay at a children's shelter in San Antonio, Texas, we were adopted by our Uncle Chevo, a Sergeant in the Army, and his wife, Laura. We moved to Hawaii, where they were stationed, thinking it would be paradise. For me, it became a living hell. What followed was 16 years of harrowing abuse, brainwashing, manipulation, stalking, physical abuse, sexual assault, and the stripping away of me, as a little girl, bit by bit, until there was nothing left. I became a sex slave to my sadistic aunt and uncle. Ultimately, I gave birth to three beautiful babies, each of whom was his. My children were raised to believe that I was their sister. And I was raised to believe that I was nothing. My abusers were masterful manipulators who wrapped pretty lies around the ugly truth to hide their abuse. No longer bound by their lies and my shame, I am here to take my power back, page by page. I am no one's victim. I am a survivor, unbound.


This book is not only a must-read for other trauma survivors but for every person who knows them. Each day, we find ourselves unknowingly walking down city streets, sharing an elevator, or standing in a checkout line alongside people who have survived the unfathomable. As a survivor, Abigail Alvarado shares her harrowing life story in the hope of inspiring anyone who feels trapped by life circumstances or in an abusive situation. After walking nearly two decades on her remarkable journey from Hell to HOPE, Abby is shining a light into the darkest of places - her past. Some in positions of authority would call Abigail Alvarado's story "one of the worst cases of child abuse" they had ever heard. Abby would call it her life story.

Read the tell-all memoir that people are calling equal parts "unputdownable" and "unforgettable." To all the true crime lovers out there: buckle up-you are in for one heck of a ride. To everyone else: grab the nearest box of tissues and your favorite beverage of choice. The journey begins now...

Author: Jamie Collins
Publisher: Bold Whisper Books, LLC
Published: 09/05/2023
Pages: 450
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.32lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.91d
ISBN: 9780960086733
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