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My Big TOE Awakening Discovery Inner Workings: The Complete My Big TOE Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics

My Big TOE Awakening Discovery Inner Workings: The Complete My Big TOE Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics

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Book 1: Awakening

Section 1 provides a partial biography of the author that is pertinent to

the subsequent creation of this trilogy. This brief look at the author's unique

experience and credentials sheds some light upon the origins of this extraordinary

work. The unusual associations, circumstances, training and initial

research that eventually led to the creation of the My Big TOE trilogy are

described to provide a more accurate perspective of the whole.

Section 2 lays out, logically justifies, and defines the basic conceptual

building blocks needed to construct My Big TOE's conceptual foundation.

It discusses the cultural beliefs that trap our thinking into a narrow and

limited conceptualization of reality, defines the fundamentals of Big Picture

epistemology and ontology, as well as examines the inner-workings and

practice of meditation. Most importantly, Section 2 defines and develops

the two basic assumptions upon which this trilogy is based. From these two

assumptions, time, space, consciousness, and the basic properties, purpose,

and mechanics of our reality are logically inferred.

Book 2: Discovery

Section 3 develops the interface and interaction between "we the people"

and our digital consciousness reality. It derives and explains the characteristics,

origins, dynamics, and function of ego, love, free will, and our

larger purpose. Finally, Section 3 develops the psi uncertainty principle

as it explains and interrelates psi phenomena, free will, love, consciousness

evolution, physics, reality, human purpose, digital computation, and


Section 4 describes an operational and functional model of consciousness

that further develops the results of Section 3 and supports the conclusions of

Section 5. The origins and nature of digital consciousness are described along

with how artificial intelligence (AI), as embodied in AI Guy, leads to artificial

consciousness, which leads to actual consciousness and to us. Section 4 derives

our physical universe, our science, and our perception of a physical reality.

The mind-matter dichotomy is solved as physical reality is directly derived from

the nature of digital consciousness.

Book 3: Inner Workings

Section 5 pulls together Sections 2, 3, and 4 into a more formal model of

reality that describes how an apparent nonphysical reality works, interacts,

and interrelates with our experience of physical reality. Probable realities,

predicting and modifying the future, teleportation, telepathy, multiple physical

and nonphysical bodies, and the fractal nature of an evolving digital

consciousness reality are explained and described in detail.

Section 6 is the wrap-up that puts everything discussed in Sections 2, 3,

4, and 5 into an easily understood personal perspective. Additionally, Section

6 points out My Big TOE's relationship with contemporary science and philosophy.

By demonstrating a close conceptual relationship between this TOE

and some of the establishment's biggest intellectual guns, Section 6 solidly

integrates My Big TOE into traditional Western scientific and philosophical


Author: Thomas Campbell
Publisher: Lightning Strike Books
Published: 08/29/2023
Pages: 840
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.67lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.86d
ISBN: 9780972509466
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