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Taking the Risk, Meet Your Father

Taking the Risk, Meet Your Father

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I began this journey simply wanting to find my father, but through the building of relationships and conversations with other inspiring Black men, I found so much more. I embraced the opportunity to speak with other men who, in some cases, would break down, sobbing as they shared stories about their relationships with their fathers. Some of these men smiled as they reflected on fond memories of their father. Sadly, others found these conversations to be extraordinarily difficult, as they had intentionally suppressed their pain for years. This book is a compilation of stories and experiences of 11 successful Black men and their relationships with their fathers. Some stories will make you laugh, some will make you smile, others will make you cry, but all will encourage you to reflect on your own relationship (or lack thereof) with your father.

Although father/son relationships provide the foundation of this book, you will also read about so many of the unsung heroes; the strength, perseverance, and resilience of mothers, grandmothers, and aunts...the women who kept so many of these boys, now men, afloat. This reminds us that none of our stories are complete without the recognition of the women who played such integral, life-influencing roles. Some stories will highlight the sacrifices women made to help their sons maintain a strong relationship with their fathers. Others will demonstrate the pain they had to personally overcome while also helping their sons grieve the loss of their fathers. Regardless, all will show the strong love and support women provided for each of these men.
This book reveals raw emotions serving as a platform to engage, affirm, transcend, and understand the multifaceted dynamics of fatherhood, the essential role women play, and the power of a second chance. Throughout the book, these 11 men begin to divulge a myriad of emotions, reflecting on their childhood, and often expressing the desire to have an opportunity to at least speak with their fathers once again. These men reflected on fathering their own children and how their past influenced their relationships today.

Author: Alphonso Evans
Publisher: Bookbaby
Published: 03/18/2022
Pages: 154
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.57lbs
Size: 9.05h x 6.08w x 0.42d
ISBN: 9781667806167
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