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The Man You Were Made to Be: Nothing to Prove Nothing to Hide Everything to Live for

The Man You Were Made to Be: Nothing to Prove Nothing to Hide Everything to Live for

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Society says, "Show us what you're made of!" But God says, "I know what I made you for."

Ex-cop-turned-minister Anthony Delaney says there are two kind of men in this world. Some become like coal, which is darkened, dirty, and fragile. It has the look of hard stone, but it burns under heat and crumbles under pressure. But God see you as a rough diamond. Such precious stones aren't yet sculpted into what they can become. Yet they've got all the right properties: hardness, durability, transparency, and the potential for beauty in the hand of the divine Gemcutter.

Both coal and diamonds are made of the same stuff. The question is, Which one are you? And more importantly . . . Which one do you want to become?

In The Man You Were Made to Be, Anthony examines six facets of the masculine "diamond" that when pressed will either crumble or shine. You'll take a good, hard look at:

  • Your fitness
  • Your finances
  • Your family
  • Your failure
  • Your friends
  • Your father

Like when cutting a gem, it'll be difficult--and sometimes painful!--to come under such close scrutiny. Yet Anthony is convinced that every man needs to be tested like this. No one is promising it will be easy. But if you get right with God and let Him go to work on the facets of your life, you'll soon find that you're shining with a brilliance and transparency that reflects who you were made to be.

Author: Anthony Delaney
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Published: 03/01/2022
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
ISBN: 9780802424464

About the Author

ANTHONY DELANEY served as a police officer in inner city Manchester, England for ten years before going into church leadership. He now leads Ivy Church, a multiplying movement which meets at various sites, and lectures on church planting leadership. As movement leader for New Thing in western Europe, he trains and deploys apostolic leaders and church planters across the globe. He founded LAUNCH: Church Multiplication Catalyst, a global community drawing together hundreds of church and network leaders to be inspired and commissioned to multiply disciples, leaders, churches, and movements.

Anthony's books include Rough Diamonds, OMG!, and Work it Out. His teaching is broadcasted regularly on UCB and Premier radio and his TV show Transforming Life has been a weekly feature on TBN UK, Europe and Africa, alongside regular programs on God TV. He is married to Zoe, and they have three adult children and four grandchildren.

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