Your Pro-Life Bottom Line

Your Pro-Life Bottom Line

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Your Pro-Life Bottom Line opens up a new way of thinking about pro-life through the lens of basic business principles: a deep understanding of an abortion-seeking pregnant woman as a consumer; the costs and benefits in her mind of aborting her child or choosing life; an understanding of the marketplace and available product options; measuring success through metrics like market share; and more. This is a book about business, with a specific focus on marketing strategies in the Pro-Life Business Industry (PLBI). If you are an experienced business professional, then the concepts in this book will be very easy for you to understand.

But what if you are not an experienced business professional? Not to worry. By virtue of the fact that you yourself have been a consumer for a long time, and have been marketed to daily over many years, you already possess a keen understanding of consumer marketing, even if you are not professionally involved in the process.

If you are pro-life and are one or more of the following--a successful business owner, business executive, marketing and sales professional, or investor--then you already possess assets that, if deployed thoughtfully and strategically, have the potential to play a key role in shutting down the abortion industry.

What do I mean by your assets? You often hear at church about giving your Time, Talent, and Treasure. Those are the assets I'm talking about. The asset you possess that can inflict the greatest damage on the abortion industry is not your Treasure--as important as that asset is--it's your Talent. If you are the typical pro-life philanthropist, it's very unlikely you are currently leveraging your asset of Talent--your business skills and experience--to fight the abortion industry on the battlefield it wants to dominate more than any other--the battlefield of business. If you are the typical pro-life philanthropist, you are likely engaging the abortion industry on the battlefield of human rights advocacy. If you are engaged in numerous human rights advocacy pro-life activities you, and many successful business professionals like you, are furiously climbing a ladder that is leaning against the wrong wall.

The function of this book is to show you how to move your ladder to the right wall, to redirect your focus to the battlefield of business. In is worth noting that the content is not necessarily focused on you abandoning your current career to work full-time in pro-life, though of course that is an option. As you will see in later chapters, you can continue to work full-time in your current profession and still bring your business skills and experience to bear on taking down the abortion industry.

Here's the good news. Effective pro-life turnkey business systems already exist that are inflicting significant damage on abortion facility businesses--even to the point of shutting them down in certain locations. Now, here's the bad news. Those successful pro-life business systems are currently grossly underutilized. In this book, you will be made aware of those systems and you will understand how to put your 3T assets to use to successfully shut down the abortion industry.

When you, me, and thousands of other people who are pro-life implement the strategies contained in this book, we will engage the abortion industry with an overwhelming show of force, and the day will come when we will shut it down on the battlefield of business. When we do that, at long last, the abortion industry will crash to the ground in a humiliating final defeat.

Author: Brett Attebery
Publisher: Bookbaby
Published: 04/17/2022
Pages: 272
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.97lbs
Size: 8.90h x 5.90w x 0.80d
ISBN: 9781667825267