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Bear Is Not Sleepy

Bear Is Not Sleepy

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This simple story opens the door to exploration of sophisticated concepts. - Kirkus Reviews

Bear is preparing to hibernate through the winter while his friends Elephant and Chicken take him on a colorful adventure before he goes to sleep for his long hibernation period. Showing the joy of sharing life and adventure with friends through cute colorful illustrations to accompany the story. - Being Unique Books

It's almost winter.
Bear is getting ready to go to sleep.
But when he sees birds flying south, Bear decides he wants to go too
Bear isn't sleepy . . . yet . . .

A warm story about adventure, and friendship, and being yourself. For sleepy bears ages 3 and up.

  • Guided Reading Level H

    This delightful book is about adventure, friendship, and being yourself. The illustrations are simple and small so it will work best one-on-one rather than in a group. Bear discovers that home is where the heart is and his own bed, in his own cave, is best for him. I recommend this book. - Storywraps

    Author: Jelleke Rijken
    Publisher: Clavis
    Published: 11/03/2020
    Pages: 32
    Binding Type: Hardcover
    Weight: 0.95lbs
    Size: 10.30h x 9.90w x 0.40d
    ISBN: 9781605375663
    Audience: Ages 9-12

    Review Citation(s):
    Kirkus Reviews 10/01/2020

    About the Author
    Jelleke Rijken (1973, Wassenaar, the Netherlands) knew from a young age already she wanted to become a teacher. So she attended a teacher's training college and has been working at a school since 1996. She also runs a private practice to help children by way of meditation, coaching, and massage. Jelleke has always been fond of books. As a child, she would get lost in a story. She couldn't stop reading and so she continued even when she should go to sleep, with a flashlight under her blanket. Her son Matthijs cannot read for himself yet, but every night his parents choose a book from the family bookshelves to read aloud for him. The questions the boy asks while listening are invitations for philosophical talks between child and parents. Jelleke is very keen on her book 'Dag opa' ('Goodbye, grandpa'). When she was young, she lost her father. This experience made her write this book, hoping the subject of death can be discussed in an open and honest way by parents and children.

    Mack (1960, the Netherlands) is a graphic designer and illustrator from The Netherlands. He was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. During his education, he made funny and educational cartoons about, among others, penguins and whales. These cartoons were later bought by the 'Diergaarde Blijdorp'-zoo in Rotterdam. By now Mack is a regular illustrator at this animal park and he is the author of several children's books, in which animals often are the lead characters.

    Mack has a primitive way of drawing. He gets inspired by African art and the paintings of the Australian aboriginals. Both create immense power by simplifying shapes. Mack wants to combine that powerful simplification with a subtle sense of humor.

    "In my books I try to teach children something in a funny way," Mack says. "If I draw a penguin, it doesn't matter to me that much how pretty he is or how good of a swimmer he is. What I want to show the most is how baggy he stands on the ice and how funny his walk is. That funny bagginess is what I try to catch in a couple of lines. Only when children can laugh about it, I think to myself: 'Yes, I did it'."

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