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Change the Story, Save the World: Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

Change the Story, Save the World: Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

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Are we living in the WRONG story?! In a compelling manifesto for change, Moritz Davidesko challenges the global narrative surrounding climate change, the role of humans on planet Earth, and the innate power of storytelling to change the world.


The global story is one that is 7.6 billion authors strong. It is rich and complex, and as of today, it is also perilously close to bringing about the destruction of our planet. So the question is, WHY do we continue to live in a bad story?

In his latest work, Change the Story, Save the World, Moritz Davidesko- a USA Today best-selling author - presents a compelling analysis of human storytelling and explores how that behavior has informed our present understanding of the world. In chronicling our species' collective powers of narration, Davidesko ushers us from the distant past, to the present state of global affairs- the story of our world as we know it!

Keep reading to:
    Discover how storytelling has evolved as mechanism of evolutionary and social survival Analyze historical events that have led us to adopt certain varieties of storytelling while discarding others Understand the distinction between local and global stories and the effect this has on our civil organizations Understand the direction of the current Homo Sapiens narrative and the implications it has for our future Explore the major ecological and humanitarian crises we presently face Highlight the notable achievements of some of the leaders driving positive changes in our world today Discuss the future of our planet and the drastic changes we must implement to protect it

We can save the world. We can stop the destruction of our planet. We can rewrite the course of human history...but it all starts with you.

Become an author of the NEXT generation of human history! Get your copy of Change the Story, Save the World today!

Author: Moritz Davidesko
Publisher: Leaders Press
Published: 03/08/2022
Pages: 140
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.40lbs
Size: 7.87h x 4.96w x 0.55d
ISBN: 9781637350591
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