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Jewish Lights Publishing

God of Becoming and Relationship: The Dynamic Nature of Process Theology

God of Becoming and Relationship: The Dynamic Nature of Process Theology

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You no longer have to choose between what you know and what you believe--an accessible introduction to a theological game-changer.

"I wrote this book for you if you want to be able to locate your life in a single, encompassing story, one that includes everything from the first moment the universe began until yesterday, a narrative that embraces deepest personal meaning, a yearning to love and be loved, a quest for social justice and compassion."
--from the Introduction

Much of what you were told you should believe when you were younger forces you to choose between your spirit and your intellect, between science and religion, between morality and dogma: unchanging laws of nature vs. miracles that sound magical; a good God vs. the tragedies that strike all living creatures; a God who knows the future absolutely vs. an open future that you help to shape through your choices.

This fascinating introduction to Process Theology from a Jewish perspective shows that these are false choices. Inspiring speaker, spiritual leader and philosopher Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson presents an overview of what Process Theology is and what it can mean for your spiritual life. He explains how Process Theology can break you free from the strictures of ancient Greek and medieval European philosophy, allowing you to see all creation not as this or that, us or them, but as related patterns of energy through which we connect to everything. Armed with Process insights and tools, you can break free from outdated religious dichotomies and affirm that your religiosity, your spirit, your mind and your ethics all strengthen and refine each other.

Author: Bradley Shavit Artson
Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing
Published: 09/01/2013
Pages: 208
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.92lbs
Size: 9.23h x 6.28w x 0.79d
ISBN: 9781580237130

Review Citation(s):
Publishers Weekly 11/11/2013
Booklist 11/15/2013 pg. 12
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