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Happy and Strong: Create Your Dream Life While Enjoying the Journey

Happy and Strong: Create Your Dream Life While Enjoying the Journey

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In Happy and Strong, Jaime Villalovos provides readers with practical and proven strategies on how to achieve success in business without neglecting or sacrificing their families and everything that is important to them.

Do you struggle with the pressure of balancing business and family? With all that life demands, do you feel spread too thin? Do you often ask yourself, Is it all worth it? Can I have it all?

If having it all means a loving, supportive relationship, a successful and impactful business, a strong and united family, and a healthy and fit body and mind, then the answer is yes!

In her debut book Happy and Strong: Create Your Dream Life while Enjoying the Journey, Jaime Villalovos gives you useful tools and methods, not empty promises. Instead of constantly feeling pressured, worried, and unfulfilled, you can begin living a life you absolutely adore.

In Happy & Strong, Jaime will teach you new ways of thinking and behaving. You will learn how to:

- Create a strong and compelling vision for your life.

- Transform yourself into an effective leader.

- Get past some of the traps causing you to plateau.

- Build long-term happiness into your busy schedule.

- Balance everything on your plate and have more fun while doing it.

- Improve your energy levels, diet, and self-care.

- Create a business that is built to last.

Through Jaime's journey from poverty to success by becoming one of the top female earners in the world, you will discover how to win in all areas of your life. Start the Happy & Strong journey and begin creating the life you desire.

Author: Jaime Villalovos
Publisher: Forefront Books
Published: 05/17/2022
Pages: 256
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.89lbs
Size: 9.20h x 6.32w x 0.98d
ISBN: 9781637630822
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