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Rose Publishing (CA)

Kidz: God and Me! Age 06-9

Kidz: God and Me! Age 06-9

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This fully-illustrated girls devotional from RoseKidz(R) helps girls ages 6-9 know how to rely on God as they learn more about the Bible and themselves. Features over 100 devotions, Bible activities, fun crafts, challenging puzzles, recipes, journaling space and more

Hey, girls, did you know that God wants to be your best friend? Yes, your best friend. And this girls devotion can help you learn more about Him and His ways. Learning to live God's way isn't always easy, but it's worth it. As you read each girls devotion you find out about God and how to follow Him. It covers some pretty awesome women in the Bible, including Abigail, Ruth, Naomi, Deborah, Esther, and more It tackles real girl issues and answers questions, such as: Who is God? How does God see me? What does he think about me? and How does he speak to me?

Enjoy having a fun craft, Bible activity, or word search after each devotion

After each devotion, there is an activity that will grow your friendship with God. Express yourself and let your creativity fly with interactive journaling, drawing activities, fun crafts, and more Fun crafts, cool projects, Bible puzzles, and word searches are just some of the extra perks included in this bestselling children's devotional.

Each girls devotion includes:

  • Key Bible Verse
  • Short devotion showing what this looks like in real life
  • Reflection questions & journaling space
  • Prayer
  • Activity

Perfect for girls ages 6-9. Click on the hearts below to get more information

Packed with More Than 100 Kids Devotions, Full-Color Pictures, and Bible Activities

With more than 100 kid devotions and stories, God and Me (R) is filled with colorful art and activities that will introduce and strengthen the habit of daily devotionals. Bible verses and stories kick off each devotional and are followed by fun exercises, prayers, and memory activities that help kids remember key information.

Notice the Difference...

Typical Kids Devotion God and Me Series(R) Return to the top Top 3 Reasons Why Girls Love This Girls Devotional from RoseKidz(R)
  1. It's Just For Girls- Discover the Biblical way to respond to real girl issues, like body image, peer pressure, and gossip.
  2. Fun and Interactive Features fun Bible crafts, reflective exercises, journaling space, and even simple recipes.
  3. It Gets You and what you are going through. As you go through this devotion you'll find you're thinking that's just like me. See how God wants you to respond to important topics, such as how to handle jealousy, popularity, and even money.
Return to the top 3 Key Features of This Girls Devotional From RoseKidz(R)
  1. Bible-Based and Packed with 100 Daily Devotions. Provides key Bible verses, offers practical advice, and simple model prayers.
  2. Age-Appropriate and Easy-to-Understand. Clear, short, and fun lessons Each age-based book is filled with short stories, easy-to-memorize Bible verses, and fun quizzes.
  3. Great for Reluctant Readers. Appeals to reluctant or new readers with large fonts and easy-to-read sections alternated with fun images, activities, and quizzes.

The God and Me (R) Series is Winner of the iParenting Award.

Return to the top Preview of God and Me Ages 6-9 Table of Contents of this God and Me (R) Devotional: Introduction 9 Who Is God? 11 God's Word
    God Shows Himself in the Bible
    Every Name Tells A Story
    The Bible Tells What God Is Like
16 God, the Creator
    God's Plans for My Life
    Someone Like You
    God's Animals
    The Night and Day Sky
    God's Plants
26 The God Who Sees
    God Sees Things You Can't See
    I Can't See You, God
    God Sees Me
    God Cares About My Feelings
    God's Flag Test
    Hiding from God
38 Jehovah
    God Never Changes, Part One
    God Never Changes, Part Two
    The Gift Box
    Always the Same
46 God Is There 48
    Moses, Moses
    Favorite Firsts
    Quiet Places
    Looking For Something?
    Fire Trucks and Police Cars
56 God the Shepherd
    The Shepherd's Sheep, Part One
    The Shepherd's Sheep, Part Two
    My Sheep Know Me
64 The God Who Satisfies
    God Fills My Heart
    God's Recipe
68 God, My Father
    A Happy Father
    Abba Father
72 Where Is God?
    Heaven, God's Home
    Heaven Is a Treasure
    Streets of Gold
78 God Loves Me
    Special Friend
    I Love You
    Chosen One
84 The Bible Tells Us About God
    God's Word, Jesus
    God's Words Are Sweet
    What Makes a Good King
90 God's Rules
    Why Rules?
    Pleasing God
    Do Put God First
    Do Love God Most
    Honor God's Name
    Honor Your Father and Mother
    Respect and Protect Life
    Be True When You Marry
    Keep Only What Is Yours
    Be Honest
    Want Only What Is Yours
    Little Packages
116 Women in the Bible 119 Abigail
    Abigail's Kindness
    I Can Show Kindness
122 Ruth
    Ruth Was Faithful
    I Can Be Fa

    Author: Diane Cory
    Publisher: Rose Publishing (CA)
    Published: 08/01/1998
    Pages: 232
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 0.96lbs
    Size: 9.05h x 6.02w x 0.50d
    ISBN: 9781885358608
    Audience: Ages 4-8
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