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Yen Press

King of Eden, Vol. 1

King of Eden, Vol. 1

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Entire villages are going up in flames across the globe, with the same man left standing at the scene every time. Meanwhile, rumors abound of a highly contagious virus where those infected fly into a blind rage, killing anything and everything that crosses their path. As the death toll rises, agencies from nations around the world get together, looking for answers-How are these incidents connected? Who is that man? And most importantly...can the massacres be stopped before humanity is doomed?

Author: Takashi Nagasaki
Publisher: Yen Press
Published: 09/22/2020
Pages: 384
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.15lbs
Size: 8.20h x 5.70w x 1.40d
ISBN: 9781975306243

About the Author
Takashi Nagasaki is the acclaimed co-author of Monster, 20th Century Boys, Master Keaton, Billy Bat and Pluto.

SangCheol Lee is a Korean illustrator who made his artistic debut with King of Eden.
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