Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics: Volume I, Issue 4

Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics: Volume I, Issue 4

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"A Meteor of Intelligent Substance"

"Something was Missing in our Culture, and Here It Is"

Liberties - A Journal of Culture and Politics features new essays and poetry from some of the world's best writers and artists to inspire and impact the intellectual and creative lifeblood of our current culture and today's politics.

This summer issue of Liberties includes: Elliot Ackerman on Veterans Are Not Victims; Durs Grünbein on Fascism and the Writer; R.B. Kitaj's Three Tales; Thomas Chatterton Williams on The Blessings of Assimilation; Anita Shapira on The Fall of Israel's House of Labor; Sally Satel on Woke Medicine; Matthew Stephenson On Corruption's Honey and Poison; Helen Vender on Wallace Stevens; David Haziza on Illusions of Immunity; Paul Berman on the Library of America; Clara Collier's nostalgia for strong women in film; Michael Kimmage on American Inquisitions; Leon Wieseltier (editor) on the high price of Stoicism; Celeste Marcus (managing editor) on a Native American Tragedy; and new poetry from Adam Zagajewski, A.E. Stallings, and Peg Boyers.

Author: Leon Wieseltier, Elliot Ackerman
Publisher: Liberties Journal
Published: 08/02/2021
Pages: 344
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.00lbs
Size: 7.64h x 5.83w x 0.94d
ISBN: 9781735718736

About the Author
Leon Wieseltier is the editor of Liberties.

Celeste Marcus is the managing editor of Liberties.

Elliot Ackerman is a writer and former Marine and the author most recently, with Admiral James Stavridis, of 2034, A Novel of the Next World War.

Durs Grünbein is a German poet and essayist. His most recent book of poems is Porcelain: Poem on the Downfall of My City. This essay was translated by Karen Leeder.

Thomas Chatterton Williams is the author most recently of Self Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race.

Anita Shapira is an Israeli historian. She is the author, among other books, of Ben Gurion: Father of Modern Israel and Israel: A History.

Adam Zagajewski, who died in Krakow in April 2021, was a Polish poet and essayist. His most recent book of poetry in English is Asymmetry. The poems in this issue were translated by Clare Cavanagh.

Sally Satel is a visiting professor of psychiatry at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center.

R.B. Kitaj, the American painter, died in 2007. His autobiography, Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter, was posthumously published in 2017.

Matthew Stephenson is the Eli Goldston Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

Helen Vendler is the author, among many other books, of Wallace Stevens: Words Chosen Out of Desire.

David Haziza is a French writer and the author of a translation and commentary on the Song of Songs.

A.E. Stallings is an American poet and translator living in Athens.

Paul Berman is the author of numerous books, including The Flight of the Intellectuals.

Clara Collier is a writer based in California.

Michael Kimmage is a professor of history at the Catholic University of America and the author most recently of The Abandonment of the West: The History of an Idea in American Foreign Policy.

Peg Boyers is a poet and the executive editor of Salmagundi.