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Ohio University Press

Mammals of Ohio

Mammals of Ohio

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An updated, informative review of the status and biology of the fifty-five species of mammals living wild in Ohio, richly illustrated with photographs, maps, drawings, and original artwork.

This comprehensive reference illustrates how species within each of the seven orders of mammals in Ohio share modes of reproduction, locomotion, and nutrition, providing a framework for understanding the fascinating world of mammalian biology. Presentations of natural history in each account of the various species are enhanced with descriptions of intriguing adaptations for avoiding demise from predators, food shortages, and the frigid conditions of Ohio winters. The book is richly illustrated with range maps, exquisite skull drawings, beautiful photography, and engaging artwork.

Challenges to wildlife conservation are considerable in Ohio, with its vast industrialized urban centers distributed across a largely agricultural landscape. With frequent citations of scientific reports and conservation efforts of the Ohio Division of Wildlife and of other public and private entities, this book instills an appreciation for the rich mammalian fauna of Ohio, as well as knowledge on how to join efforts to protect it.

Covering all of the state's mammals, from tiny, obscure shrews to the magnificent white-tailed deer, Mammals of Ohio is a definitive resource for professional biologists and students. The narrative style throughout the book is accessible, providing the general reader with an appreciation for the full scope of the rich mammalian diversity in the state.

Author: John D. Harder, Guy N. Cameron
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Published: 03/18/2022
Pages: 456
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.40lbs
ISBN: 9780821424636

About the Author

John D. Harder is associate professor emeritus in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology at Ohio State University, where he taught upper-division courses in mammalogy and conservation biology. His research on the reproductive biology and ecology of mammals has focused on marsupials and involved field studies in Ohio, Venezuela, and Amazonian Peru.

Guy N. Cameron is professor emeritus and former head of biological sciences at the University of Cincinnati, where he taught courses in ecology, population biology, and ecological techniques. He is the former president of the American Society of Mammalogists and the Texas Mammal Society. His research focuses on rodents in the US and Mexico, but he also studies invasive plants, the impact of tornados on forests, and nutritional ecology.

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