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Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide

Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide

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A beautifully illustrated pocket-size hardcover guide to the mushrooms of North America--a must-have for any mushroom enthusiast's backpack or home library.

Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide is a compact, beautifully illustrated field guide to 50 North America's most popular mushrooms. Inside this elegant hardcover, you'll find profiles on individual species, each showcasing a full-page illustration, plus a definition of fungi, information on where to find mushrooms and how--and when--to collect them, and, last but not least, notes on how to avoid mushroom poisoning. Discover the wonderful world of North American mushrooms, including:

- Chanterelles (Cantharellus)
- Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)
- Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondose)
- Morels (Morchellaceae)
- Puffballs (Calvatia)
- Stinkhorn Mushrooms (Phallaceae)

And many, many more! Visually stunning, Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide is an engrossing overview of North America's remarkable and diverse mushrooms. You'll find opportunities for discovery on every page.

Author: June Lee, Niko Summers
Publisher: Whalen Book Works
Published: 06/28/2022
Pages: 128
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.69lbs
Size: 7.00h x 5.05w x 0.66d
ISBN: 9781951511319

About the Author
June Lee is a graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys everything communication design-related, from painting murals to branding design. Projects include the Truth Campaign for The New York Times, Pizzaz Pizza Festival, and Junk magazine. In h her free time, June can be found reading with a cup of coffee in hand, or out hunting for the best coffee in the city. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more of her work, visit

Niko Summers is a fifth-generation herbalist and comes from a long line of root workers and midwives. He became fascinated by fungi while studying their medicinal properties. In 2020, Niko founded Native Mushrooms, a mycology company that cultivates rare and medicinal species. When not studying herbs or fungi, Niko likes to go foraging in the woods or spend time in his garden. He is a Native San Franciscan, where he still lives with his dog. Find him on Instagram @nativemushrooms.
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