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Boreal Books

Open the Dark

Open the Dark

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Marie Tozier's Open the Dark is an exquisite collection of poems depicting a generational tapestry woven with the shared ebb and flow of land and sea and time. Loving hands, dyed sweet with raspberries and lingonberries, pass ancestral knowledge--of the hunt for seal and crab to pressing ironless, ruler-straight seams--from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter. This is a collection that beckons, like a mother's warm embrace, into the vibrant scent and taste of Inupiaq Alaska.

Author: Marie Tozier
Publisher: Boreal Books
Published: 08/11/2020
Pages: 72
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.20lbs
Size: 8.74h x 5.83w x 0.32d
ISBN: 9781597099202
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